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GLOBAL LIBERATION for BLACK PEOPLE through arts & culture

a BLACK creative’s guide is an unapologetic platform that is a meetup for melanated folk to discuss all things rooted in creativity and BLACKNESS. During these gatherings, we convene, reclaim art spaces, and have relaxed discourse about art from OUR perspective. Our movement and meet ups focus on Building, Learning, Art, Collaboration, and Kinship. We keep it BLACK ✊🏿!


Most curators are white.  As a result, narratives, works of art, and cultural memory created and shaped by melanated people is subject to intentional and unintentional silencing and misrepresentation. We are tired, y'all.  a BLACK creative's guide seeks to reclaim (and, in some instances, maintain autonomy over) our narratives, stories, and collective experiences.


We are for the GLOBAL LIBERATION of BLACK PEOPLE through arts & culture.  We achieve this by creating layers of access for BLACK people to enter, observe, navigate and thrive in the art world.  We create safe spaces for artists and non-artists and we visit formal and informal institutions.



Founder/Head Revolutionary In Charge


Ifátùmínínú Bamgbàlà Arẹsà is a multidisciplinary artist, activist, curator and educator. Born and raised in New Orleans, Ifátùmínínú suppressed her creative side for a decade before moving to Tanzania where she was reborn.  She continues to actively work across the diaspora by building and maintaining relationships in the Motherland.

Ifátùmínínú began a BLACK creative's guide after working as an art administrator for an array of different white-led organizations.  Here she saw first hand how often BLACK people were excluded from key leadership roles while simultaneously witnessing their creative works become commodified and exploited.  She knew her Ancestors gave her the power to change that narrative.

Ifátùmínínú is an ordained and trained Traditional West Afrikan Ifá Priest who considers her artwork an extension of her spiritual work.  As such, she expresses herself and her identity through her Ancestors which manifests in all her endeavors. You can find out more about her work at


Conversation Starters

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Amanda Broyard-Bonam, a native New Orleanian, is the founder of The Black and Project, an interview-based race and culture blog exploring Black identities and experiences. Growing up in post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans East, she developed an interest in environmental justice, place attachment, and local government responses to environmentally vulnerable Black and Brown populations. Other interests include cultural preservation, writing, and community gardening. 


James Clark III is an upcoming artist that intertwines his Mardi Gras beading skills with contemporary painting based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Although he has been artistic his whole life, his art career only jump started 4 years ago. He was first introduced to the Mardi Gras Indian culture through a close relative. Once he started to master beading, he paved a way of his own, creating portraits that combined two elements of two dierent worlds. His creations include a variety of bold colors, which he is known for, and are never subjected to just one theme. His creative process includes listening to his favorite music artists and letting his mind flow. The hardship of Covid-19 caused him to take a break from his artwork to enter into an apprenticeship with well known artist, Carl Joe Williams. He states that working with Mr. WIlliams has broadened his art perspective. He looks forward to where his mind will take him next.




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Jewell Prim is a non-binary Black femme that is a ever flowing student of the world. They value the constant search of imagining and actualizing the beauty and grand variety of abundance amongst Black peoples. Dismantling the structures that prevent us from being able to thrive in this space is a tandem passion for them. There is a long way to go but the journey on this road will only present us with more power. 


Tiffani Sheriff is the founder of MUSINGS, an aesthetic, spiritual and creative project management consulting firm specializing in wardrobes and interiors.  Her holistic approach to design and styling has contributed to acclaimed productions, spaces and creatives around the world.



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